Global scenario of Zika virus transmission and prevention: recent updates

Vijay Kumar CHATTU, Soosanna KUMARY, Indira JAGASSAR

94-99 |

Advances in Preservatives and condiments used in Zobo (a food-drink) production

Sylvester Chibueze IZAH, Lovet T. KIGIGHA, Ebinyo Rebecca ASEIBAI, Ifeoma Peace OKOWA, Langley Ayibawanaimi ORUTUGU

104-119 |

Environmental Impacts of Oil Palm Processing in Nigeria

Sylvester Chibueze IZAH, Tariwari C.N. ANGAYE, Elijah Ige OHIMAIN

132-141 |

Research articles

Cytogenetic Study of Allium cepa Root Tip Cells treated with Textile Effluent


100-103 |

Variation in physicochemical water quality parameters during fermentation of maize for Ogi production

Ifeoma Peace OKOWA, Lovet T. KIGIGHA, Sylvester Chibueze IZAH

125-131 |

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