This study evaluated the physico-chemical properties of sediment from Sagbama creek, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. Triplicate samples were collected from 5 locations using sediment grab. The samples was analyzed using standard procedures. Results of the various physico-chemical parameters studied ranged from 6.73 – 6.87 (pH), 423.53 – 2033.56 (µhmoscm-1), 0.24 – 0.60mg/kg (nitrite), 2.43 – 4.57mg/kg (nitrate), 1.30 – 4.20mg/kg (sulphate), 2.43 – 5.10mg/kg (phosphate), 4.04 – 6.20mg/kg (calcium), 4.77 – 6.12mg/kg (magnesium), 4.21 – 8.62mg/kg (sodium), 1.65 – 2.80mg/kg (potassium), 3.35 – 5.50% (total nitrogen), 6.73 – 10.73 % (organic carbon). Analysis of variance showed that there was significance difference (P<0.05) among the various sampling location in each of parameter studied apart from conductivity. Variation among the various locations for each of the parameters showed that anthropogenic activities are having an impact on sediment quality of the creek. But the concentration is within the range that could enhance the survival of benthic organisms.


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