This study evaluated the physico-chemical properties of Sagbama creek. Samples were collected from 5 locations at sub depth of 5 to 15cm in triplicate. The water was analyzed using standard procedures. Resulted showed that pH (6.13 to 6.95). Temperature (26.6 to 27.20C), Turbidity (21.80 to 23.03NTU), Conductivity (60.57 to 67.33 μhmoscm-1), Dissolved oxygen (6.13 to 8.01mg/l), Total hardness (3.10 to 3.82mg/l), Total dissolved solid (30.09 to 33.52mg/l), Nitrate (0.12 to 0.13mg/l), Nitrite (0.07 to 0.10mg/l), Sulphate (0.52 to 2.62mg/l), Chloride (2.27 to 3.33mg/l), Sodium (1.40 to 2.18 mg/l), Potassium (0.64 to 1.06mg/l), Calcium (1.01 to 2.22 mg/l), Magnesium (0.63 to 0.85mg/l), Iron (0.02 to 0.35mg/l) and Manganese (0.01 to 0.02mg/l). Analysis of variance showed that there is significance difference (P<0.05) among the various parameters except for temperature, pH and turbidity. High turbidity is an indication of pollution. Instances of pH and iron exceeding permissible limit recommended by Standard Organization of Nigeria suggests contamination.


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