This study assessed heavy metals (Ni, Pb, Cr and V) in oil spill contaminated soils in Rumuolukwu community, Eneka, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State, Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Ex-situ analysis was carried out for 6 months i.e. 3 months wet and dry seasons each. The samples were collected at different depth using soil auger. The samples were processed and analyzed using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Results ranged from 0.16 – 3.02 mg/kg Ni, 0.20 – 8.14 mg/kg Pb, 0.18 – 7.88 mg/kg Cr and 0.01 – 0.20 mg/kg V for oil spill contaminated soil. The concentration of heavy metals (Ni, Pb, Cr and V) was higher than the control samples, but below Department of Petroleum Resource Nigeria Limit. Ecological risk factor showed that the contamination level is low at various depth, however instance of moderately and considerable contamination were observed at 45 – 60 cm and 15 – 30 cm depth for Pb during the wet season. Also, contamination factor showed moderate contamination. Although in few instances Pb and Ni contamination factor was very high. Heavy metal mean distribution was in the order: Pb>Cr>Ni>V. A decreasing degree of contamination was observed during the dry season.


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