Numerical chromosomal aneuploidy has diagnostic and prognostic value in detection of cancer. Hence, the study was undertaken in leukemic cases in our diagnostic laboratory. Analysis of 211 leukemic blood samples from referral cases of Neuberg Supratech Referral Laboratory (NSRL), Ahmedabad, India, since 2017 to 2019 using WHO protocols for chromosomal study. Detection of 23 cases were obtained (23/ 211: 11%) with this condition. Trisomy 8, 11, 13, 21 and monosomy 7 contributed to 18 cases (18/ 23; 78%) with 5 clonal anomaly (5/23; 22%). Four clonal patients were +8, +21 and +21, XXY and -7 with XY cells. Another karyotype with 48,XY,+8,+19/ 47,XY,+8 was detected which seems to be a new cytogenetic anomaly in the literature causing haematologic neoplasms in this cohort.


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