Aeromonas is a Gram negative rod shaped bacteria that causes gastroenteritis, wound infections and sometimes respiratory diseases. They are frequently isolated from fishes and from water. The aim of this study is to isolate and identify Aeromonas sp from different water samples in and around Kochi. Out 16 different water samples collected of which 7 showed positive for presence of Aeromonas sp. Starch ampicillin agar was used for Aeromonas isolation and the colonies were identified phenotypically and genotypically through biochemical characterization and 16S rRNA amplification respectively. Further hemolytic activity of Aeromonas sp isolates were performed on 5% blood agar plates in which 3 samples showed hemolytic activity. The hyl gene responsible for hemolysis in Aeromonas sp were detected using PCR. These findings show that the Aeromoas sp species isolated from water samples are enterotoxigenic.


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