The study investigated some haematological parameters among Helicobater pylori infected students of Madonna University, in Elele, River state, Nigeria. A total of 32 patients participated in this study. Of these, 17 were males while 15 were females. Twenty control subjects were established for each gender. Blood was collected from the participants and analyzed for haemoglobin concentration (Hb), packed cell volume (PCV) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) following standard procedures. Result showed that test and control subjects had mean values of 12.21g/dl and 13.19g/dl respectively (haemoglobin) 27.76% and 39.70% respectively (PCV) and 24.88 mm/hour and 8.10mm/hour respectively (ESR) for females, and 12.39 g/dl and 13.29g/dl respectively (haemoglobin), 37.53% and 39.90% respectively (PCV) and 25.47 mm/hour and 7.80mm/hour respectively (ESR) for males. Statistically, there was significant difference (P<0.05) among the test and control subjects in the three parameters of study. PCV and haemoglobin were significantly lower while ESR was significantly higher in the test subjects when compared with the controls. The alteration in these parameters could predispose H. pylori patients to other health related effects. Therefore, proper diet must be maintained by the patients to avoid medical complications associated with anemia. Proper and effective management of the infection must be maintained.


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