This study evaluated the antimicrobial effect of different seed extracts of Piper nigrum against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albican. The three seed extracts (hot water, cold water and pepper soup) were made in replicates for the sensitivity study. Filter paper disk method was employed for the sensitivity. Results showed that the mean zone of inhibition results were 12.135mm, 13.293 mm, 13.775 mm and 13.497 mm for 1% concentration of the ampiclox used as control (AMP), cold water (CWS), hot water (HWS) and pepper soup (PEPS) extracts respectively. At P<0.05, the extracts were in the order AMP<CWS<HWS<PEPS. Also, the mean zone of inhibition was 12.604 mm, 13.548 mm and 13.374 mm for C. albican, E.coli and S.aureus respectively, which were in the order C. albican < S.aureus < E.coli. The phytochemicals analysis revealed that tannins and cardiac glycoside were highly present while saponin, flavonoids and alkaloid were moderately present. The occurrence of the bioactive constituents suggests the possible pharmacological characteristics of P. nigrum.


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