Dairy products are a potential source of probiotic bacteria. Seven samples of different sources of dairy products were collected from different regions (Gharbiya & Minufiyah) of Egypt. The isolates were identified using morphological characteristics: gram staining, catalase test, growth at various temperatures (10, 37, and 45°C) and CO2 production for all isolates. The identification was confirmed by determine the tolerance to Nacl (2, 4 and 6.5%) for cocci isolates and growth on Streptococcus faecalis medium (SF). Thirty isolates were tested for biochemical and morphological tests. Good growth was observed at 37°C and pH 6.2 for 100 isolates. After that the catalase positive isolates were removed and the results 3 isolates were Lactobacillus; (L.parakefiri ; L.rhamnosus and L.paracasei) and 2 cocci strains (Lc.lactis subsp. cermoris and Lc.lactis subsp. lactis ) .All five isolates has properties of probiotics like tolerance to acidity and bile salts with ability for adhesion.


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