The Ichthyofauna of Ikoli Creek, Niger Delta of Nigeria was investigated between July and September, 2015. Fish was collect using cast nets, gill nets and traps. Water quality parameters such temperature, pH, salinity, conductivity, turbidity, Total dissolved solids, Total suspended solids, Nitrate, chloride, Sulphate, Total alkalinity, calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Total hardness, Dissolved Oxygen, Biological Oxygen demand and chemical Oxygen demand were determined. Fish species were sorted and identified. Species diversity was determined using Simpson’s index while evenness was determined using Shannon weaver index of diversity. The species assemblage comprised 262 individuals, 7 orders, 18 families, 22 genera, and 27 species. The dominant species were Synodontis clarias, Synodontis membranacea, Clarotes laticeps with 51, 33 and 22 individuals representing 19.46%, 12.59%, and 8.38% of total fish catch respectively. The diversity indices estimates were simpson’s index (D) = 0.074, Simpson’s index of diversity (I – D) = 0.926, Simpson’s reciprocal index (1/D) = 13. 51, Shannon – Weaver index (H) = 2.86, Shanon’s equitability index (EH) = 0.866, Evenness = 0.262, and Margalef index (DMn) = 4.67. The physicochemical parameters and species diversity. However, there were indications of water pollution with elevated BOD and COD values recorded. This could be attributed to organic loading of Ikoli Creek from Swali market abattoir, Industrial and agricultural discharge and run off from the Swali market and its environs. This study provides information for a more efficient waste management, and conservation of the fisheries resources of Ikoli Creek.


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