The effect of exposing Clarias lazera (mean weigh 86.0±0.10g and length, 21.15±0.12cm) to different concentrations of dimethoate on lactate dyhydrogenase (LDH), creatinine kinase (CK) and amylase were studied. Standard methodology was used to assay the various parameters analyzed. The exposure of fish to 2.50, 3.00 and 3.50ppm dimethoate for 30 days indicates significant (p<0.05) elevation of values of LDH in gastrointestinal tract (GIT), muscle and liver (albeit not in dose dependent pattern). Creatinine kinase values in all the organs tested unveil a significant decrease in a dose dependent pattern. Amylase activities also unveiled a significant increase in the GIT and decrease and increase in the muscle and liver respectively. Dimethoate was found to elicit profound changes in all the enzymes tested. Dimethoate could be toxic at high concentration. Enzymes tested are more useful biomarkers of sublethal effect of dimethoate in Clarias lazera. Further studies are required to evaluate the toxicity of dimethoate in various Clarias lazera fingerlings, Juveniles and recovery process.


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