The present study highlights isolation, screening and characterization of marine microbial flora. Upon screening some six potential surface active agents producing isolates of Actinomyces with significant difference in morphology were isolated from marine soil of Chennai & Bombay . Results from optimization studies revealed, sucrose & yeast extract are suitable carbon and nitrogen sources, pH optimized 7.8+2, temp of 37â—¦ Celsius and agitation at 300 rpm. This study emphasizes the utilization of marine actino bacteria , having potential to produce various novel enzymes & antibiotics. Currently emerging and reemerging infectious diseases of humans, which are resistant to available drugs - is a case for future investigation of marine bacteria as source for bioactive molecules. Dead marine organisms or biomass of sea or ocean is converted into abiotic factor by marine bacteria hence serve as decomposers by their chitinolytic property. Chitin is the cell wall component of fungi, insects & worms which cause heavy loss of crops. These marine bacteria due to chitinolytic property serve as bio pesticides.


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